Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i have a column crisis

So I have had this feeling in my bones...
My columns in The Purple Tide are losing their edge and appeal.

I just know it.

They are not nearly as amusing, funny, or relatable. I'm missing those elements. And I feel like I'm probably one of the most annoying columnists ever--the one with a preachy, overly reflective, old wisdom crap. My columns are on the verge of having a patronizing tone, are they not? (Great--just the thing I hate. I hate it when certain people try to sound patronizing). My columns sound matter-of-factly, and are loaded with seriousness and lack a bit of flair here and there.

But there's nothing that I can write about that's not a serious topic, I think. There's nothing hilarious and meaningful enough to be put into words. Or maybe I just don't see it, but it's there.

Or maybe I shouldn't be worrying at all about my columns and let them be the way they are.

What do people think when they read my columns?

What's my purpose in writing columns? I love writing columns because I can be personal and have jurisdiction over my tone and diction. I could be outrageous and obnoxious, scathing even, and funny. At least, that's what I thought when I started out. Now, I feel like I'm a one-trick pony or on a one-way track that is all serious stuff and, well, not as fun as I thought it might seem to others.

Do I make any sense?

Can someone honestly tell me what they feel about my columns? I don't want a polite response; I want the truth.

Are my columns too boring? Too unrelatable? Too preachy? Too serious?

And I need ideas. Ideas. What has happened in my life [recently] that people could connect to and still find interesting all at the same time.