Friday, January 13, 2012

week 2

Monday, Jan. 9

  • snow shoot with Ariana

Tuesday, Jan. 10
  • eh.
Wednesday, Jan. 11
  • Exclaimed very loudly in AP Spanish, "SOY LA BOMBA" in front of the class. 
  • Cried from laughing for the first time ever (you’d think that i would’ve experienced that before…) in AP Spanish.
  • completed Calc homework and actually felt that I understood what was going on in class for once in my life/the first time in a few months seriously
  • slept through 90% of Government but raised my hand like a boss (while being half-asleep) when Miles said, “Raise your hand if you’re listening to me.”
  • played Taboo for the first time in my life. while eating fried chicken.
  • got shit done. knocked off 5 out of 7 things on my to do list just for today (e.g. applied for FAFSA PIN)
Thursday, Jan. 12
  • watched Pan's Labyrinth for the first time in my life. I didn't get to finish it, though...
  • had the most ridiculous portraits taken of me using someone’s Mac’s Photo Booth during Human Anatomy
  • Got accepted to VCUarts
Friday, Jan. 13
  • Attended swim & dive meet at Oak Marr; it's the first time I've been back in years and it's the first time I've mentored someone in photography on a one-on-one basis.
  • Wrote three scholarship essays within 1.5 hours and submitted them.
Saturday, Jan. 14


Sunday, Jan. 15

  • Anjali - we painted and planted the tree, we grabbed Starbucks in the morning, we talked, it was wonderful
  • my throat hurts

P.S. the two Polaroids/Instaxes were taken during newspaper on Jan. 11.