Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a someday-series

See this series of photographs above? (Disclaimer: not mine, I don't know whose they are)

Well, someday I’d like to do a project like this. Maybe I shouldn’t call it a project—it’s something a lot more intimate and personal than that.

But you see—someday I want to photograph a person. Just one.

And I want to photograph them every season at the same place.

The thing that stunned me is that I’ve been doing this all along, sort of—sometimes I photograph her, sometimes I don’t; but I want to be very serious about this future endeavor of mine (not that I’m not serious about this current arrangement).

And, to make it more different and complex, I want it to be the same date, every month and year. And I guess that would mean that this person is someone I wouldn’t be able to see very often, save for the day(s) we’d meet to honor this arrangement.

But the more and more I think about it, the more improbable it seems.

First off—who…?

And second of all—is it possible for two people to meet at the same place on the same date every year—no matter what?

I hope so.