Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disclaimer: I am clean.


It was a few days before my birthday when my new dentist told me, "You must never smoke. Or else it will definitely kill you because of your condition." I was disappointed to hear the news, but his tone told me he was not kidding.

I listen to my dentist.


Marlena said...

Smoking kills! Smoking not only affects our lungs, but also our oral health. Black lips and broken teeth are just some of the examples of the negative effects of this habit. It's a good thing you listened to your dentist. How are you now?

[Marlena Tillens]

Timothy Mclaney said...

It's never easy to quit smoking, especially when your body has already become dependent on it. I think your dentist saw how it had affected you… and told you to stop. Thanks for listening to your dentist.

Savannah Moses said...

Glad you did, Miranda! Smoking is addictive… A person may find pleasure in it, but his body won’t like it and it won’t last for long. The effects of smoking on our body will be visible on our mouth first. I guess your dentist saw many signs of it and advised you to stop.

Nannie Livingstone said...

Other than endangering your health, smoking may lead to discoloration of the teeth. Moreover, it reduces the flow of saliva which cleanses the lining of the mouth and teeth which protects from tooth decay.