Sunday, August 1, 2010

toad + ham & egg sandwich = great start

Sunday, August 1, around 10 a.m.

I was woken up against my will, but I suppose it was not all that bad since I ended up cooking myself a delicious ham and egg sandwich. Mm. I can't remember the last time I actually cooked for breakfast, so it was a good morning in that respect. 

But before that--the whole reason I was woken up by my sister was because she came running into my room yelling at the top of her lungs something along the lines of "A FROG IS ATTACKING!" 

Of course I woke up immediately then (though I was quite groggy) and stumbled down the stairs, following her to the patio at the back of the house.

My aunt pointed at a piece of carpet lying on the patio. She lifted it gingerly, revealing a toad. 

I think toads and frogs are quite cute. I slowly got in front of it, camera in tow, and crouched down. We stared at each other for goodness knows how long. It was quite frightened, because I think I could see its skin quivering to the beat of its heart. Finally, it cautiously turned around and made one hop to its left. 

 I continued to take photographs of it. I wasn't able to get as close to it as I had wanted, but oh well. 

Interesting morning.