Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inception-induced dream regarding gorilla suits

I've no idea how exactly the plot of the dream came to be, but here's another one of my epic dreams that I had an hour ago while napping:

I can only vaguely remember the beginning--I couldn't see myself in the dream so it was told in third-person point of view. All I can remember is that there was a cruise ship coasting at twilight (as in between day and night) and on the deck of the ship was an extremely azure pool. Well, the water was really blue anyway. But the sky was a glowing dark blue and the waves were so dark blue that they were almost black.

That part is irrelevant, however, to what I remember consequentially:

Suddenly my dream cuts to an airport terminal. It reminds me of Dulles International Airport a lot. You know, the back of the terminal behind the baggage claim section on level three? Yes, that place. It reminds me of an exact, real memory I had of it--I had come home from Shanghai a year ago in the summer night, around 2 a.m. (yes, my flight was delayed by three hours), and I took note of how eerily quiet, dim and empty the terminal looked. So that exact memory somehow infiltrated my dream. Except, if any of you know what I'm talking about, a chunk of the Lotte supermarket (the food court, to be exact) near my house in real life also implanted itself into the airport terminal in my dream.

So I'm standing near this potted plant, and everyone in my dream (including myself) is wearing winter garb--tweed coats, cashmere and down jackets, etcetera. I was wearing a bulky white vest. I think I was actually wearing an assortment of all-white clothing. But anyway, I was standing next to the potted plant, just looking around the airport terminal as I watched hundreds of people eating in the food court. In the far left of the terminal, an automatic sliding door opens and this gorilla walks in. It is wearing a huge yellow t-shirt/jersey that reminds me of Brazil's futbol jerseys, because there are also two thin green stripes running down the sleeve of the yellow t-shirts. So it walks in unnoticed by everyone except myself. I look at it in horror. In the dream, I know that it is going to kill me/everyone, which I inform my friend "c-dawg" who happened to be standing behind me. Then I scream, immediately, and loudly. Everyone then notices the gorilla and starts panicking. I can't remember if anything happened after that, but my dream cuts to another scene.

There's this long counter where everyone is standing by, and the gorilla has a pistol in its hand, aimed at all of us. It tells us, "Give me $4,000 dollars each and I will let you free." Somehow everyone has received an empty white envelope where we are inherently supposed to put our $4,000 in. I look at my friend, who swiftly takes out a thick wad of blue coupons (they all look identical) and stuffs them into her envelope. In my dream, those coupons represent money. Everyone has coupons--except me. I look at her and say gruffly, "I can't afford $4,000--I don't have it! So I'll kill her [the gorilla]!" because it seems that there is a pile of kitchen knives on the counter in front of every person that couldn't afford the $4,000, myself being one of them. So I looked around me cautiously, making sure the gorilla wasn't looking my way, and chose two knives to stuff into my vest pockets. I tried to make it look inconspicuous because obviously you need to be covert to kill someone, but it wasn't really working considering the knives' handles were sticking out quite obviously. I then attempted to stuff another two knives into each of my pants' front pockets, but gave up on that. I suppose I decided that two knives would be enough to kill the gorilla, even though I was terrified as hell.

Everyone who had their $4,000 prepared then went to put it (the envelopes with the money) into a plastic crate. I think I just put the empty envelope in the crate but managed to pass it off as it being filled with the money-coupons. Then everyone lined up to go through this gateway that reminds me of the security sensor you have to walk through during security checks at airports. The gorilla was actually just a fully-body gorilla suit. A woman replaced its presence (the woman that was wearing the suit the whole time) and she turned out to be a stunningly beautiful (but deranged) femme fatale that was wearing a black/dark purple velvety body-hugging dress--it actually kind of reminds me of Mal/Marion Cotillard's dress in Inception.

But speaking of Inception, a certain song was being broadcasted throughout the speakers of the airport terminal. And I know that song is from the Inception soundtrack because I have it (lol).


The crazy femme fatale then demands that everyone each fill out a letter or something answering a riddle she proposes. I cannot remember what the riddle was or whether I even filled one out, because I was concentrating very hard on deciding when would be the perfect chance to kill her. But then my thoughts were interrupted in the dream when I wondered if she would kill me on the spot if she discovered that I didn't fill out the letter. When I finally approached her after lining up for quite a long time, her eyes immediately bore into mine and something was going to happen but I was woken up to real life by my mother, who said it was time for dinner.

I woke up and attempted to walk but ended up stumbling down the stairs with a raging headache.


Applying the Miranda Dream Theory (which means that the dream is a processing of memories, sights, sounds, etc. that I have recently experienced in real life or memories that have been lingering around my brain):

  1. The cruise ship (in the beginning of the dream) probably appeared because my aunt informed me yesterday night that my cousin and her family were on a cruise.
  2. Setting being Dulles Int'l Airport: well, I've been thinking for the past couple of days about the ending of Inception where Dom Cobb walks through customs and the whole setting is in the airport terminal, which is probably why the setting was an airport terminal. And it was probably Dulles to be exact because I am really familiar with Dulles airport. Plus travel is always on my mind.
  3. Reason for food court being present: well, today at lunch I told my mom about a funny story regarding Friday where I went to see Inception and bought a smoothie at the food court next to it (in Tysons Corner, there's a food court next to AMC theaters), so the food court thought was probably processed in my dream. But I can only conjecture why it was Lotte's food court--because I've seen it more than any other food court.
  4. Gorilla/gorilla suit: I can't say for sure why it turned up in my dream, but these are some theories at to why:
  • Yesterday I asked my aunt if she had seen my red pen anywhere in Cantonese. I had to ask her repeatedly because she wouldn't answer my question, but she finally said (jokingly), "Why are you looking for a red butt? Are you a monkey?" Explanation: "pen" in Cantonese sounds like "butt" in English. So apparently (some) monkeys have red butts. So maybe that's where the gorilla came in--being a type of primate and all...
  • This does not really explain why the gorilla/suit appeared in my dream, but I remember that the mask of the gorilla suit had eye holes and they looked like they were gouged out and it reminds me of this really creepy mask my dad has (it's either a werewolf or a really scary looking gorilla) which he used to scare my cousin and I when we were still little children during Halloween.
5. Christina/C-dawg's appearance in my dream: well, I'd always meant to watch Inception with her, but things never worked out... but since she's associated with Inception, that's probably why she appeared in my dream. She was the only person I could distinctively identify in the dream out of all the hundreds of other people.

6. The blue coupons worth $4,000 dollars:
Right before I went to take my nap, I was looking at tips on using my Canon AE-1 and where to print and scan its film. A website mentioned Costco being a great place that sometimes offers coupons so you can get discounts on the prints. That's probably why coupons were the equivalent of cash in my dream, and considering in reality I was bummed that I didn't have any coupons for Costco, that's probably why I didn't have any coupons in the dream either.

7. Kitchen knives:
The knives I hefted in my dream looked exactly like these knives I was washing when I was at my aunt's house two days ago. I remember (in reality) that I was surprised to see the knives since they were pretty big and I had never seen them around the house before. No doubt my brain processed that into the dream...

8. Femme fatale (that reminded me of Marion Cotillard) beneath the gorilla suit: Well. I don't know. Maybe it's because Marion Cotillard is just that phenomenal.

9. Inception music: I WAS LISTENING TO THE SOUNDTRACK AS I LAY IN BED, and I still had my headphones on even when I woke up, which means I was listening to the soundtrack even as I fell asleep. This is the most profound part (I suppose) because it's pretty much just like how the song "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" by Edith Piaf was heard in the dream world in Inception. (Yes, it's the French song used for the "kick" if you know what I'm talking about.) I can't quite remember which song it was that pervaded my dream, but I definitely know that it was either "Dream is Collapsing" (ironic!) or "Waiting for a Train" because I clearly remember there were blaring horns at the end of the song in my dream. It woudn't be surprising if it were "Waiting For a Train" because that scene in the movie really impacted me and my favorite quote in the entire movie was: "You're waiting for a train - a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope the train will take you, but you can't know for sure. But it doesn't matter--because we'll be together."



Shelly said...

wow... that is one interesting dream..

so funny, i watched inception today.
it was an intense movie, but i barely understood anything. -_-