Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is this a universal childhood theme that I missed out on or what?

My Amelie

If you have watched the French film Amelie before, you'd know exactly how delighted I feel right now.

But if you haven't watched Amelie...check this out:

This is the character Amelie (in her childhood) from the film Amelie.

It's so interesting. My sister has never watched Amelie before, yet...

The portrait I took of my sister was completely spontaneous. It was all my sister's idea--holding her hands splayed like that with globs of dough on each finger.

Like, oh my god, is this a universal childhood theme or something? Am I the only person who missed out on doing something like this as a child? (Did you guys ever do anything like this as a child?)


Trane DeVore said...

I used to do that with black olives out of a can when I was a kid. I think I used to pretend I was a monster frog.