Friday, August 6, 2010

a day of smuggling smoothies, straws, inception, mad dashes for the bathroom

Today was a wonderfully fun-filled day. Too bad I freaking forgot my memory card at home (plugged inside my computer) although I did bring my camera along. That's the one regret I have today; that I wasn't able to photographically document my experiences along with my friends.

During the car ride to Tysons Corner's AMC, I told random funny stories to Ariel (and I suppose the rest of the car listened in) regarding my Taipei experiences. Let's see... I can't remember what I said. I'll ask Ariel to give me a refresher.

Then we went to the food court so Cindy could go grab a bite. Ariel and I had already eaten a bit of lunch before we got picked up, so we decided to go to Coldstone's to buy a drink for ourselves. As I was scanning the smoothies list, Ariel remarked something about the smoothies being '110' something to which I naturally assumed she was speaking about the price range. I found it quite strange, so I immediately said, "REALLY?" She gave the affirmative. I balked at her.

"I thought it says that the Like it size is $5.49!" I exclaimed.

It indeed was $5.49. It was just that Ariel was talking about how many calories the smoothies contained. Miscommunication resolved. Not. Finally, when we got to the cashier to pay for our drinks, the dude naturally assumed I'd be footing both of our tabs. We told him we were paying separately. So then he also got the change mixed up. That was pretty confusing. I had no idea what was going on. After we finally paid for the drinks, I brought up a recap of a McDonald's experience of mine.

It was my first time paying for myself at any form of a store, so when I went up to order and pay, the cashier, a Hispanic lady with a heavy accent, said something about the price but I couldn't distinguish what she was saying, so I said, "What?" about three times. Oh, how mortifying.


After that... we walked over to the movie ticket counter to redeem our AMC coupons. It seems that both Cindy and Ariel also kept their AMC coupon from a birthday party we all went to two years ago. We all somehow decided to use it on this occasion, which was pretty cool. We hadn't even planned on that happening.

Finally, we neared the entrance to the actual movie theater, but I spotted a sign that said "No Food Or Drink Allowed." Ariel and I still had our smoothies, barely touched. I didn't want to was my $5.49 so I started to chug the ice cold smoothie. Ariel seemed to have a little more difficulty finishing off her smoothie. She jokingly demanded that I help her. Cindy said she could help out... so I said, "Aw geez, if only we had extra straws..." to which Cindy responded, "I do! Four, actually." Wow. Funniest thing ever.

Eventually Ariel and Cindy still couldn't finish Ariel's smoothie, so we deliberated whether to throw it away or somehow smuggle it in in her bag. She put it in her bag. The straw was still sticking out. I pointed out that it was really obvious. Eventually I decided to help out by lending her my black sweater, which was hanging around my arms. I ended up subtly wrapping the smoothie up in my black sweater and put it snugly under my arm. Ariel remarked that I looked like I was holding a baby. I laughed. REALLY LOUD. I think she did, too. Eventually Cindy told us all to calm down as we approached the ticket person. I passed through without being stopped.

I'm an experienced spy. I can smuggle smoothies right under my arm into movie theaters.

The whole movie lasted at least 2.5 hours. At the point when Fischer approached the safe in a totally dramatic, cinematic manner, I muttered under my breath, "Geez, can he walk any slower?" Inception was really good. After it was done, I stood up and walked quite awkwardly...because I really needed to pee. Turns out Ariel needed to, too. I told her to walk faster and we cracked up the whole way out the movie theater and into the bathrooms. We left Cindy behind in a hurry, haha! We both admitted we were squirming and shifting uncomfortably the whole time we were watching Inception.

Awkward place to end this post, but those were the highlights of my experiences today.

Oh. I just ate a scoop of ice cream the size of my fist. REGRETS.