Thursday, July 29, 2010

[photographic diary] an in-depth foray into Luray Caverns

July 28, 2010. The first time I went to Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. Much to my chagrin, I did not realize that we (my family and I) were going today when I woke up at noon (to be expected if one sleeps at 3 a.m.), despite my mother claiming that she informed me yesterday of today's travel plans. 

The whole Luray Caverns experience was very fascinating. I mean, I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I'm a rock nerd. I keep a collection of fascinating minerals and rocks in a GODIVA CHOCOLATE BOX. I'm extremely proud of my rock collection--they have all been from my excavations--since third or fourth grade, elementary school, when I would dig rocks up during recess time at this one little corner of the playground. I remember that I had fellow colleagues help me with the tasks to unearth this one humongous, semi-translucent crystal-esque rock, too. But okay, enough of my childhood rock excavating stories. Back to the Luray Caverns.

I've chosen a handful of photographs out of the 216 that I took on this trip to show you all:
Taken descending the stairs into the caverns.

These remind me of rows of teeth...

Dream Lake, my favorite part of the caverns. The bottom portion of the photograph is actually a reflection of the top. The water is truly the essence of "crystal clear." It's absolutely mind-blowing and breathtaking.  

The ceiling!

This reminds me of a fish's tail.
I leaned over the railing to take this shot... 
The patterns on this rock formation remind me of a sea turtle's fin.

How to get this shot: look up and take it from below.
These things always remind me of weird stony mushrooms or freaky trees.

An organ in the midst of the cavern. It utilizes many stalagmites/stalactites throughout the cavern. 

Okay, forget that I ever said I picked a "handful." I just couldn't limit them all! So I ended up choosing 46 out of 216. Not bad, huh? Well, honestly, I don't really think that my photographs did the caverns enough justice. If you haven't been to Luray Caverns before, you should definitely see it for yourself. It's utterly fascinating. And the temperature is nice. 

After walking the whole cavern, I went to the gift shop and bought a large chunk of an amethyst. It's beautiful. I mean, how could I walk out of there without buying a gorgeous rock to add to my collection--right? (Besides--it only cost $6.99). Since my camera battery is dead, I can't really take a photograph of it right now, so maybe I'll do it some other day.

dream lake
Dream Lake

look out above
You wouldn't want one of these things stabbing you in the head.