Monday, July 26, 2010

[photographic diary] jCamp: July 18 - 22

At first, I had a written documentation/journal about jCamp that I was going to publish to this blog, but then I thought better of it. I'd probably bore you all before I'd even gotten to the funny or entertaining parts. And I figured that my photography would do a better job of illustrating my experience...I hope.

Well, I'm not going to post all the photographs I took on the trip (that would be extremely troublesome for me and you), so I've selected a few that I especially liked for one reason or another.

Parking sign in front of Pink Cadillac, the place I had lunch with David, Jane, Matt and Megan on our way to Virgina Tech
vip, elvis fans

One of the things that captured my attention the most was how scenic Virginia Tech was. Or the area beyond Northern Virginia in general. The view is beautiful--endless chains of blue silhouetted mountains, fields of corn, pastures and lush green everywhere. There are plenty of trees on the Virginia Tech campus, too. Plenty of green. Besides trees and all, Virginia Tech itself is quite a beautiful place, in a different sense than what I'd normally expect. Unexpectedly, many of its buildings were made of brick or huge slabs of stone. But at night--it's splendid. Rows of lights divide the field. The field is very, very big. During the daytime, when I look around the field and up at the sky, it feels like I am staring into infinity. The night scenery is stunning.


Ruta, on the field.
beautiful expanse

Night scenery at Virginia Tech
205: Fortress in the Darkness

McBryde Hall

One of the night adventures included David Cooper climbing up a tree in attempts to retrieve a tennis ball. The conclusion of the story: we never found the tennis ball.

Um, yeah.
everybody loves megan, hmm?

Jane and her beautiful scarf
Jane (and her beautiful scarf)

Ruta, the only other normal person at jCamp. Just kidding.

The classic family portrait. We're just missing a few important people...
204: Newspaper Family Portrait

In my dorm room
203: meditation

Okay maybe this whole thing was pretty pointless considering I was/am too lazy to upload every single photograph I've got. But if you know me, go check my jCamp album on Facebook.