Thursday, August 20, 2009

[update] Flickr - The (mini) S. Korea + More Post

I bring about... NINE new photographs~!! (six of which being some of the South Korea shots). This is certainly an interesting batch, in my opinion. Here are some teasers/previews/whatever you wanna call them:

I ♥ Hongdae (and the blue giraffe)
I ♥ Hongdae (and the blue giraffe)


and anyways.... I also bring a once-in-a-blue-moon-portrait (I hardly take portraits, and actually, this is a courtesy of Chrissy, feat. moi):
the true artist cannot keep a straight face when drawing.
the true artist cannot keep a straight face when drawing. By the way, you wish you had my shirt.

~AND THE BEST PART OF THE POST (classifying by rarity):
Iridescent Cloud
Iridescent Cloud
This is THE phenomenon of it all. Man, Shanghai's got it all--total solar eclipses in addition to iridescent (in my opinion, rainbow) clouds. >_< photostream!!! (I think this is becoming my, like, motto now... -_-;)

To those that think they're up to it and wish to read my twenty-something (pending) paged travel documentary, please notify me on whether you want to read the clean version (I wouldn't blame you) or the raw version (major heavy language issues) :P Lately I've been busy trying to get my sorry self to finish, err, start most of my summer homework, so the finalized version of my documentary (which still hasn't gotten a proper title yet) will be put on a temporary, uh, hold. Of course, in the meantime, I'll still be editing and taking out useless stuff and adding more stuff and all that jazz & pizazz, so don't worry. You'll get the finalized copy by mid-September. So, bear with me and please don't lose your anticipation >_< I'll try to get working to roll this out. In the meantime, you can help by considering/answering a thing or two:

1) CLEAN or RAW?
2) any suggestions for what my documentary's TITLE should be?