Wednesday, August 5, 2009


China is awesome. South Korea is awesome. ASIA is LOVE.

I am of course disheartened to say that I am back from Asia. Let me go over the itinerary of my travel:

1) Shanghai
2) Nanjing
3) Shanghai
4) South Korea (Seoul)
5) Shanghai
6) U.S. ("home")

Of course, very shortly, my twenty-three (or was it twenty-four?) pages of documentary of my travels will be somehow relayed to all who may wish to read it. But first, I must come up with a proper title for it...

At any rate, hopefully I've given everyone enough teasers of Asia. But, from here on, since I'm back, I will be ruthlessly posting my photographs onto Flickr. :D Hope you guys will enjoy!

Let me commence with the usual Flickr stats:

Thus far, there are 20 new photos of Shanghai.
Five uploaded fresh just now.

q's coffee
flowers and toilets = unexpected love?
flowers and toilets = unexpected love?
galactic aerial patterned ceiling
galactic aerial patterned ceiling
duplication counterpart
duplication counterpart

Those are the teasers! Have fun checking out my <PHOTOSTREAM!