Sunday, November 6, 2011

project hap (1-3)

Remember how I told you that I'd be doing a mixed media project involving graphic design, photography, and haikus about people?

Yeah, it's actually happening. I have made three hap (haikus-about-people) posts already. Here they are:

hap #1: mum 
whenever she walks,
she brings a cool breeze with her,
and away she goes.

hap #2: Clementine*
Cuando contigo,
Siempre espero que
Habrá una vez más.
(It’s not perfect, but it’s the truth.)

hap #3: Untitled, a series of three


Fell asleep in class,
I dreamt of you and your smile,
Why do you haunt me?

3. Explanation
Hoy, yo escribí
Dos poemas para ti
Porque te amo.

I'm welcome to all graphic/design ideas since I'm designing these into square posters.

Also, I'm not sure how long this project will go on.

Maybe it'll go on forever because I love everyone I write about and I write about them because I love them.