Friday, November 11, 2011

[mixtape] sweet november pt. 1

This week has been good in terms of music discovery, so I thought I'd share because everyone ought to give these a listen.

Work Drugs - "Flying Zambo"
  Flying Zambo by Work Drugs
I love the guitar riffs and the dope sound. It just occurred to me that many chillwave and lo-fi groups have a very similar sound (the same goes for groups of any genre really), and not everyone can produce something catchy. I probably listened to a hundred different songs this week, many of which are chillwave-y/lo-fi, but only a few groups and songs stood out to me. Work Drugs' sound is fantastically catchy and noice.

Craft Spells - "After The Moment"
 After the Moment by CraftSpells

The Whitest Boy Alive - "Inflation"
 The Whitest Boy Alive - Inflation by cocamix
I would recognize Erlend Øye’s voice anywhere--I love it. He is the vocalist of Kings of Convenience, too.

Weird Dreams - "Joan"
 joan // weird dreams by sexmusic

Cloud - "Turning"
 Cloud - Turning by rjcf
Heard this in the bookstore when I was visiting the arts program at VCU. I don't think I'd ever heard of it before. This was made in the early 2000s. Amazing. It reminded me of Clazziquai Project (favorite Korean group of all-time) and their house phase.

Here's a song to kick off your weekend:
Class Actress - "Weekend"
 Weekend by Class Actress

And I've been obsessively listening to my favorite shoegaze band, The Radio Dept.
The Radio Dept. - A Window


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