Friday, August 19, 2011

You are never far from adventure.

AUGUST 19, 2011
Lessons learned from traveling with Frankie:

Today I did the usual: cycle between 30 minutes to an hour.

 And I changed my route up.

As usual.

It’s not like I am especially bent on changing my route up; but I’m not opposed to it either. But invariably, something always happens on my runs that prompts a change. It’s usually pedestrians who get in my way when I’m trying to coast down a sidewalk.

That was the case today.

So instead of turning back home on my preferred route, I went the opposite direction—all the way to a supposed dead-end. There’s an area that is fenced off. I have gone out of my way to pass by that area, but I have never actually gone through it.

Of all days, I didn’t bring my camera today because it was out of batteries. And I didn’t want my aunt getting on my case (she always asks me why I have to bring a camera even when going for a ride).

I really regret not bringing my camera.

I got around the fence (which was pretty easy) with Frankie and headed down the sidewalk…only to find that it ended and fed onto a very uneven, paved asphalt path (like the highway roads).

It curved to the right, away from view.

I know an adventure beckoning when I see one.

So I coasted down the curve…

and suddenly found myself coasting downhill; down a very long and very straight (and empty) road adjacent to the highway.

Route 66.

Damn it was an unbelievable experience.

The sun was on its way to set. Its rays beat down on my back. I loved the warmth of the late afternoon light. And what I loved even more was the way the golden light fell on the path, illuminating it.

I loved the contrast.

The warmth of the light and the emptiness and desolation of the once-worn road.

It was hard to believe that this empty road was right next to a highway filled with cars streaking by.

I’m always afraid that I will run out of places to shoot at (given that NOVA is an area that gets quite repetitive at times), but today it occurred to me that I am never far from adventure no matter where I am.


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