Monday, August 29, 2011


I believe everyone should consider the following:

I sincerely believe that all around me, there are great people—people capable of great and amazing feats. If only they realized that about themselves! If only someone could grab them by their shoulders, look them in the eye and shake some sense into them(!)

I swear it—all around me, I see so many types of people. Good kinds of people.

I see…
  • Beautiful people (literally and figuratively)
  • Amazingly intelligent people who are also very caring and passionate
There are so many things they could do. And I might be crazy, but sometimes, when I look at these kinds of people, I get a very good idea of what they could do (great things, trust me)—but I’ll bet they’d never even dream of it.

I’m convinced that some could become models—the kinds that will strut down the runway.

I can picture many becoming successful businessmen, lawyers, doctors, etcetera.

I can see the bestselling-author in some of my peers.

I can see the dancer. I can see the artist. I can see innovators and entrepreneurs.

And even if I don’t know these people—I’m just sure that, way out there, there are people whose lives could have changed significantly if they only realized what they were capable of and let themselves go at it.

I’m 100% sure that if there was an impetus, these people could become forces to be reckoned with. They’d go down in the books. I’m sure of it.

A little anecdote I’ll always remember in relation to this is the one that my middle school orchestra director told my class: she once had a violinist who just couldn’t really get into it. He/she was getting discouraged. But when she (my orchestra director) suggested that the person try out a different instrument—like the bass—that violinist-turned-bassist flourished and eventually went on to become a professional bassist.

So you see—I think that there are many great people. People with amazing potential. But they’re not in the right place (literally, or figuratively, as in—they’re not in the right industry or career or whatever). They’re not in the place they’re meant to be. Either that or they don’t realize that they’ve got a lot going for them; or they don’t realize what they themselves might be good at.

I think that many people just need a push from someone or something to open their eyes and minds so that they’ll really get to shine.