Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the benefit(s) of being young

Although I would love to grow up so I could pack my bags and get on with my life in a big city, I do believe that being young has its advantages. (Or you can make it work to your advantage.)
  1. People don't take you seriously. It sucks sometimes. But this is good in case you ever need to break the law or do some shady stuff. If you get in trouble, people will tend to punish you less harshly (compared to an adult/"grown-up" breaking the law or doing something wrong). They're more dismissive because of your supposed youth (which guarantees ignorance, apparently). Speaking of ignorance...
  2. People think you're ignorant because you're young. You can prove them wrong. They won't know what hit them.
  3.  I dunno. There are plenty more benefits to being young (aside from the obvious--health-wise, etc.), but that's all I can think of for now.