Sunday, November 14, 2010

Challenges are either equal or cannot be subject to be compared.

Every person is an individual, therefore his or her life is unique to themselves. The same goes for their challenges.

What may seem insignificant or significant to one person is not the same for the others. It is incomparable. Our roads and circumstances are different. Not everyone is on even ground, and not everyone is equal.

You may be an "adult," one who has familial and financial responsibilities, as well as a "job." But that does not make your struggle any worse than a student in high school who has the deal with expectations and insecurities exceeding skyscrapers.

Someone may have been born into the most unfortunate family and circumstances--poor and starving--but that does not mean that you have it better or that they have it worse when you've got a family that hates you, a dysfunctional family.

What I'm getting at is that no matter how significant or insignificant you feel that your struggles are in comparison to others--don't think that way.

Your struggles are yours. Do people have the exact same circumstances and problems as you do?


I do not think that it is reasonable to compare, for better or worse.