Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Journey Forward

Today was the first day of my life as a freshman in high school. It went by quickly, though the day was long. It flew by like a blur, and the only words I can describe it are as follows... "dream-like, surreal, fast-paced." It's not a good sign if I can only describe it as a dream, right...? But whatever the case may be, I managed well.

I realize the sky is absolutely beautiful at 6:30 AM, and that today is a perfect blue (2:30 PM). Expect new pictures on Flickr soon! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonsukaru)

I'll begin to move forward instead of looking back, I'll complete each day with dedication, and the time will fly just like it did today. I've had enough time to enjoy and play, but now is the time to wake up and start anew, fresh, and clean.

I used to wish to be a kid forever, now I recognize that it is simply not possible, as much as I want it to, so I just wish, hope that every day will be filled with happiness for everyone.

Who am I? To many people, they think it's just a phase. But, is it really? It may be the case for most others, but it certainly doesn't seem that way to me. These kinds of questions are the only ones that ever bother me...

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