Friday, October 5, 2012

The Realm of M

Do you know why this is called the realm of M instead of the world of M?

This is my second video project for Time Studio.

It’s supposed to be a self-portrait x UBU artist video.

My professor seemed to really like my video (she said it was “very well-shot and well-edited," among other things) and she also said that I really captured the spirit of Maya Deren (the artist I had to do a crossover self-portrait with) in my video, which was pretty much a film.

The only thing she (along with a few other people) questioned was my choice of ending, but I actually had a reason for that. Does anyone get why I decided to end the video the way I did instead of ending it with the eyes? Also, can anyone just take a stab at how this video is a self-portrait and like explain all the themes?

Everything in terms of editing was deliberate, though, funnily enough, when I was filming all this footage on Sunday, I had a completely different idea in mind and actually I had no idea what on earth I was doing, so I just basically did everything under the sun. After much stressing out over the weekend about this project and despite spending literally ten hours editing it, by the time I was finished with my video, I felt a sense of accomplishment (I was amazed that I managed to make something like this given that I had no idea what I was doing 80% of the time when I was actually filming) and I also (I might be insane) found it to be a fun experience even though it wasn’t actually fun working on it, if that makes sense?

It worked out.

Thanks a million to Chris. I am very grateful and blessed for having great friends.