Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the following is in chronological order

SUNDAY night

I sometimes confuse myself and remember that I have a girly side to me, somewhere deep down inside.

MONDAY morning/evening

It’s really sad (because it’s probably a no-brainer task for everyone) but I feel so happy and accomplished looking at those clean edges and lines I made with masking tape. 

I think what I’m doing with this project is more me than my previous project (aside from it having a monochromatic color scheme revolving around blue) in that this is definitely more design-y, straight-forward, and minimalist. Also, #bubblegumvibes is one of my favorite color schemes. 

I’m predicting this now, though: Norris is going to shred it apart (figuratively, or even literally—I wouldn’t put it past him) during the crit though because it’ll be too minimalist for his tastes.