Wednesday, September 12, 2012

what is my life

I went from this:

to this:

September 2 to September 13.

This is the most prolific piece of art I have ever worked on in my entire life.

I have no words for how I feel about this piece, having worked on it over the course of two weeks even with a lot of shit going down in between (broken bone anyone?).

We had our first critique in Surface today. This was received pretty well by my peers and my professor but it was nothing groundbreaking compared to some of the ah-mazing masterpieces other people created. I was happy with this piece when I finished it, but when I saw others' work, I didn't feel so good anymore.

Well, c'est la vie, for now.

All my thoughts lately have been about art. My entire life ever since entering college has revolved around art--every waking and sleeping moment. Here are some thoughts and quotes I'd like to remember from today:

  1. In Chris Norris’ words, attending VCUarts’ AFO program is different from going to another liberal arts program or something of that sort in that everyone here in AFO is strong and comes in strong. I definitely believe that (well maybe I am an exception to that loljk sort of). Now the question for me is—how do I get even stronger and better in such a short amount of time—and how do I manage to do that when there’s hundreds of other kids wanting the same thing?
  2. It’s harder to make art every time not because it’s necessarily hard to make the art but because the standard/the bar is being raised significantly higher every time.