Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They weren't kidding when they said art school (specifically VCUarts' AFO program) would whoop my ass.

For my surface research studio class, I have a project, which I will dub the 30,000, because the criteria is that we must create a piece of art on a special type of 22" x 30" paper that meets the following criteria:
  1. We must use a micron pen or crow quill (with Bombay India ink)
  2. We must make at least 30,000 marks using said drawing instrument
  3. It must be abstract art

For many days and nights, I fretted about what I would do. Then somehow I got inspired by snakes, because well I've always had a weird fascination and love for snakes and have always loved looking at how detailed and lovely their scales look up-close. So snakes were my first inspiration. I finally formed a pretty concrete idea on Sunday night (after scrapping two ideas and having to restart my outline) and this is what I got done yesterday (Monday night).