Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Somehow, I started to dislike him.

He confirmed what I had always sensed but refused to believe until now: he is, despite his insistence that he is not, an incredibly pretentious fellow—and a shallow one, too.

 There are few qualities that I dislike as much as or more than pretension. These qualities are hypocrisy, unfounded arrogance, and classlessness (in other words, lack of propriety). But perhaps, above all, I despise narrow-mindedness. (You may be rude, unrefined, egotistic, and two-faced—I can dismiss those qualities with a mere shake of the head—but your narrow-mindedness, I will never tolerate and that shall be made clear.)

Rest assured, your narrow-mindedness will make me think less of you.

Also, there’s a difference between being assertive and being overbearing.

The faults that he has are not uncommon to most other people—but for me to realize that they do exist in him is a huge disappointment.

He is not who I thought he was.