Sunday, November 16, 2008

[music review] Sotte Bosse - Tomorrow Knows Yesterday

Tomorrow Knows Yesterday」4th album
›››artist (s) Sotte Bosse
››› release date 2008.11.05
››› language Japanese
››› genre MOSTLY jazz and bossanova, lo-fi, some electronica
››› feels AWESOME. soothing, peaceful, nostalgic, sweet

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001 ココロに花を 傷ついた願いに愛を
002 ボクたちのうた - Album ver. -
003 ささやかな嘘
004 さよならルーニー
005 雨上がり
006 右手の約束
007 in the world - Tomorrow mix -
008 冬の香り
009 ナミダノコエ
010 かげふみ
011 Home - Yesterday mix -
012 さよならをありがとう

comments: HOLY SHEETS. I LOVE this group, SOOO, SOOO MUCH. They are like--the best Japanese jazz/bossanova duo eevveerrr. Despite the female vocalist's voice (which is a bit, um, kiddish/squeaky), everything is AWEESSOOMMEEE. I haven't listened to the whole album yet but seriously, SOTTE BOSSE IS .