Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[music review] David Choi - Only You

「Only You」album
›››artist (s) David Choi
››› release date 2008
››› genre acoustic, pop, alternative

BONUS: The Airplane Song/We'll Make it Last All Afternoon

Always Hurt
02 Love
03 Won't Even Start
04 Heart
05 Something To Believe
06 Windmill
07 Let Go
08 Our Song
09 Only You
10 Don't Fade Away
11 I Can Get Used to This
12 Thief In The Night
13 Hold On
14 Enjoy The View

Some of you might find this guy familiar... where have I heard of him before... Oh yeah! YouTube! Yep. He's David Choi from YouTube, 'cept this is a real album. He has a nice voice. And nice guitar talent to accompany it. ^_^ If you can, try to find it online. I highly recommend it. :) Hope he gets signed by a major label. DOWNLOAD THE BONUS! I LOVE IT! (so cutteee!)

[EDIT]November 12, 2008:
And since I'm feeling generous...
My Company


Lionel Tan said...

nice nice. thanks so much. O kinda need more

Laurie said...

wow, awesome, thank you!

TomoyoChan14 said...

thks for the song~ he's soo good at singing

Anh Thai said...
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gary said...

has good songs in that album