Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today has been a relatively okay day. Nothing really upsetting has happened yet.
Brief review of what went down at science fair this morning:

I was the only participant not in formal wear. Call me an idiot--I'd agree--I somehow jumped to the conclusion that everyone was supposed to wear their science fair t-shirt today when presenting, so I came in grey jeans, my science fair t-shirt, and my leather combat-ish boots. Oh good lord. That was probably the worst part about science fair--feeling like I didn't belong at all (when I probably in fact didn't anyway) and sticking out like a sore thumb and looking completely unprepared for the occasion...

Aside from that uh, mistake--I feel like I presented myself quite well. I handled the situation very well. I presented smoothly in front of the judges--and it went great, considering I didn't have a speech prepared compared to the other participants. Damn, I was looking at the girl whose booth was across from mine and she was rehearsing this long speech like mad. She had it typed with all the graphs and was reading off of it and saying it aloud. It was intense. But I held my own under those circumstances. I didn't come off sounding like a robot unlike some of the folks around me. I sounded natural, conversational, and hell, I did have conversations with my judges. It wasn't as scary after I got through the first judge. Admittedly, that was my worst presentation out of the six that I did in total--I was a mess, I had to allow for some silence for me to finish my sentence--I had paused mid-sentence, unsure of what to say... but it was the first try, and the lady was nice, so I recovered and adapted and pretty soon I was talking smoothly. I amaze myself sometimes. I can be a glib talker when I need to be.

I am not expecting any awards--my fellow participants were damn incredible, I'll acknowledge flat out--but I am proud to say that I did my best out there, and that's all there is to it--all that matters to me, anyway. I held my own, and my project was not groundbreaking like the other ones there, but I gave it my all.

After that, I went home, took a walk with my aunt, and did some gardening work with her. It wasn't so bad--the weather was refreshing, and I am currently basking in the sun by the patio's sliding door.

It's been a good day today.