Thursday, December 23, 2010

poem inspired by poetry

I wrote this the very day of Poetry Out Loud. I had it in English, which was my first period class. Then I wrote everything down off the top of my head during Pre-calc (LS) on the back of this random sheet of paper that I inadvertently lost (and then found, just now). So this is rough, and rather spontaneous, but inspired nonetheless.

The room fell deathly silent
Hushed abruptly
As if the very air within the room had been
Sucked out by a vacuum.
The only sound that could be heard was
the sound of silence.
Palpitations setting the heart
A thousand butterflies filling
the cavity of a cavernous heart
The words are all there before me,
I can see them in every corner of my mind,
But when I stretch my arm out before me to
grasp them,
all that falls into my hands are
remnants of the butterfly's powdery wings.
Words I know and have known
take flight,
they are here,
they were here.