Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[news]...horribly embarrassingly hilarious

Okay... so I was forwarding a PG-13 rated thing about "WHAT KIND OF SUPERHERO WOULD YOU BE" to all my friends and I accidentally sent it to my piano teacher... (gulp) I nearly dropped dead when I saw that she had replied.... but guess what she said? Here:

This is what she said:
Always wanted to be a drunken nudist ninja :)

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 9:47 PM
Subject: What superhero would you be?

What Superhero would you be? (FIND OUT)?

Just match your birth day w/ the date and combine. Post it friends. Just for fun.

January...The Amazing
February...The Ambiguously Gay
March ...The Coked Up
April...Level 3 Sex Offending
May...The Loch Ness Monster Chasing
June...The Drunken
July...The Oddly Dressed
August...The Terrorist Sympathizing
September...The Sex Obsessed
October...The Morbidly Obese
November...The Minority Hating
December...The Jesus loving

Now the date..
1- Asian Robot
2- Gremlin
3. Pirate
4- Taco-Maker
5- County-Bumpkin
6- Anorexic Fat Woman
7- Professional Turkey Stuffer
8- Walrus
9- Flying Rosy O'Donnell
10- Pomegranate using Bad Guy
11- Nudist Ninja
12- Murderous Preacher
13- Drug Dealer
14- Super-Alligator Hunter
15- Kangaroo Killer
16- Poop Sniffer
17- Were-Wolf Hunter
18- British Man Who Loves Porn
19- Tasmanian Devil
20- Pakistani Businesswoman
21- Big-Foot Catcher
22- Milk Drinker
23- Homosexual Wilder-beast
24- Fart Lover
25- Mexican Cigar Aficionado
26- Yahoo Answering Yettie
27- Elderly janitor
28- Hamburgaler
29- Pikachu
30- Racist Walabee
31- Booger-Picker